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With new regulations IRS all but sinks the ship on state workarounds for the $10,000 SALT limit

On August 24th 2018 the IRS issued proposed regulations regarding recent state’s creation of state tax credit programs in exchange for charitable contributions. A number of states, including California, have proposed creating charitable funds where taxpayers would receive a state tax credit for contributions to the fund. The IRS has taken the position that these proposed transactions are quid pro quo and that a full charitable deduction is not allowed. The tax credits constitute return benefits and therefore reduce the amount of the charitable contribution. There are a few exceptions, one for state tax deductions along with a De Minimus exception for credits that do not exceed 15% of the taxpayer’s payment. A taxpayer may also decline the tax credit to receive the full charitable contribution

If you would like to […]

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2018 Tax Reform-Individual Tax Changes

The President signed the biggest tax reform law in over 30 years. When you file your 2018 tax returns — about a year from now — your tax return may look very different. And because most changes don’t happen until then, we have some time to learn about the changes and plan for next year. Here are a few of the biggest changes that may affect you.

  • Tax rate changes: The maximum individual rate is reduced to 37%.
  • Standard deduction increases: The standard deduction is almost double.
  • Personal exemption eliminated: You will have no personal exemption deduction for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents.
  • Increased Child Tax Credit and new Dependent Credit: The credit is increased for each child to $2,000 (up to $1,400 of which is refundable for each […]
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2017 Tax Planning Guide

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we are once again reaching out to share our annual Tax Planning Guide with you.  The 2017/2018 Tax Planning Guide is available here www.webtaxguide.net/Bregante.

Sweeping tax law changes that will impact individuals and businesses are outlined in the proposed Tax Plan released by the House Republicans on November 2, 2017 including:

  • Proposed decreases to certain individual and most business income tax rates
  • Repeal of a number of personal tax breaks including the deduction for state income taxes which can be significant for most California residents, reduction in the amount of new acquisition debt for principal residences that qualifies for the mortgage interest deduction, elimination of the mortgage interest deduction for […]

2016 Tax Planning Guide


Our 2016/2017 Tax Planning Guide is now available. The election of a new President in addition to Republicans retaining control of Congress could result in significant changes in tax laws in the upcoming year.  Our online Tax Planning Guide will give you access to updated tax and financial planning information throughout the year as legislative changes are made. Feel free to forward it to friends and family who you think might find it interesting or helpful. We hope this guide will prove to be a convenient resource for you throughout the year.  Just a few of the topics covered in the guide are:

  • Changes to some business and individual tax filing deadlines effective in 2017
  • Tax planning for investments and net investment income tax
  • How […]