California A.B. 150

On July 16, 2021, California enacted A.B. 150, which included the “Small Business Relief Act” providing a pass-through entity (PTE) tax election for the years 2021-2025.

What is A.B. 150?

Assembly Bill 150 is a new California law that allows partnerships, S-corporations, and LLC’s to make an election to pay state income tax at the company level and deduct the expense against federal taxable income while generating a California credit the owners can use on their individual tax return.

Why make the election?

Individual owners of PTE’s can potentially realize significant federal tax savings by getting around the $10,000 state and local tax (SALT) deduction limit enacted in 2018.

Who does it apply to?

Election eligibility is limited to a “qualified entity.” A qualified entity must satisfy two requirements: (1) it must be an entity […]

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September is National Preparedness Month!

September is National Preparedness Month.  Unfortunately with hurricane season here and the ongoing threat of wildfires in some parts of the country, it is important for us to remind our clients to prepare for natural disasters and have an emergency plan in place.

All taxpayers, from individuals to organizations and businesses, should take time now to create or update their emergency plans.  This plan should include securing and duplicating essential tax and financial documents, creating lists of property, and knowing where to find information once a disaster has occurred.

Be Secure

It is best if you keep critical original documents inside waterproof containers and in a secure place.  Documents such as tax returns, birth certificates, deeds, titles, and insurance policies should also be duplicated and kept with a trusted person outside the area […]

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Higher Education Tax Credits

As a new school year approaches, students are considering what classes they need to take and how much those classes will cost.  Whether it’s a community college, a trade school, a four-year university, or an advanced degree, higher education is expensive.  The good news is tax credits can help offset these costs by reducing the amount of tax someone owes.

If taxpayers, their spouses, or their dependents take post-high school coursework, they may be eligible for a tax benefit when they file their tax return next year.

Reach out to us to learn about the two credits available to help you save money on higher education.

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Interview with Niki Doctor – Path to Partner

The public accounting career path typically starts with an entry-level position as a staff accountant and advances into a managerial role.  To rise to the position of accounting partner, you need to be confident and have excellent people and communication skills.

The Path to Partner requires a technical or audit background and an understanding of forensics.  Or, if you are like Niki Doctor, you are overall well-rounded.  Niki is one of the Partners in our Pleasanton office and we asked her about her journey along her Path to Partner.

Tell us your story and how you decided on a career in accounting.

I started learning accounting during my junior year of high school.  It quickly became my favorite subject.  I felt so passionate about accounting that I decided to pursue a degree in […]

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Financial Awareness

There is no better time than now to review your financial blueprint.  Making sound financial decisions brings an overall peace of mind.  Let us help you find the road that leads to financial independence for you and your family.

Here are some things to consider:

Financial Planning:

Developing a custom financial plan that includes lifetime milestones, a lengthy retirement, and a sound financial legacy is essential.  If you don’t have a financial planner, we can refer you to one of our valued partners.


Design your portfolio on evidence-based investing. Investing shouldn’t be a gamble but instead a thoughtful process.

Estate Planning:

Transitioning your wealth to your children should be seamless. Have you explored the various strategies used to limit taxes on your estate, from creating trusts to making charitable donations?

Alleviate Tax Liabilities:

Prepare for higher than anticipated […]

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