In the dynamic landscape of environmental management and power infrastructure, Total Environmental & Power Systems, Inc. (TEPS) stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Specializing in comprehensive solutions for both commercial and residential needs, TEPS is a trusted partner in meeting the evolving electrical and telecommunications requirements of its clients.

At the core of TEPS’s mission is a commitment to understanding that a client’s business success hinges on the proper development and maintenance of their telecommunications system. TEPS adopts a dedicated and focused approach, consistently integrating the newest and most innovative solutions to keep clients at the forefront of the communications industry.  TEPS has earned its reputation as the region’s premier telecommunications contractor for construction, service, and maintenance of all types of facilities, commercial, institutional, government, and central office work.

Established in 2002 with a foundation in HVAC and AC/DC power systems, TEPS has expanded its scope to encompass cellular towers, radio frequency systems, distributed antenna systems, hydrogen fuel cells, generators, battery backup, and general facility services. The TEPS fleet, boasting more than 50 well-stocked service vehicles, is their key to efficient operations in the field. These 1-ton four-wheel-drive trucks, equipped with cargo boxes and ladder racks, facilitate on-site service calls to any location. Based in Concord, CA, TEPS has satellite locations in Sacramento, and looking to expand in other areas to suit the needs of their customers. While their primary construction activities unfold in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, their licensed service area spans Northern California and Nevada.

Founded in 2002 by industry veterans Tom Masiewicz and Kenny Williams, TEPS benefits from over 35 years of experience in the HVAC and electrical fields. Their extensive 22-year history in the telecom industry has solidified TEPS’s position as a trusted partner.

Since 2021, B+Co has assisted TEPS with tax planning, advisory and compliance as well as review the company’s financial statements.  Matthew Buck is the Manager on the team providing service to TEPS and he says “During our first year working with TEPS, Linda, the Controller, needed a lot of assistance with the transition as the company was experiencing the impacts of COVID-19. All industries were impacted, but I think construction really took a hit due to the nature of the industry. With that being said, this created an opportunity for us to really work with the client and dive into assisting them with a lot of different areas like accounting, consulting, tax, and the annual financial statement review.”

B+Co Partner Niki Doctor says, “Our team enjoys helping Tom make decisions about how he can improve his business operations to be more profitable and helping identify which areas of his business need more attention. Tom is an ideal client and we appreciate the relationship we’ve built.  He’s always so kind and shows his gratitude to our team.”