Internal Revenue Service

Index of Applicable Federal Rates

Social Security Online

Thomas – Legislative Information on the Internet
Be informed of the most recent legislation that affects your finances and tax outlook. Thomas provides comprehensive access to federal legislative information, with the latest from the House Floor, new bills, roll call votes, congressional record and committee information.

U.S. Bankruptcy Law
Chapter 11, Chapter 7 – do you know the difference? The Legal Information Institute, affiliated with Cornell University, provides an easy-to-use overview of bankruptcy law, statutes, regulations, decisions and rules.

Constitution of the United States of America

U.S. Copyright Office
If you’re looking to protect an original intellectual work, here’s everything you need to know about securing and registering copyright. Includes links, legislation and frequently asked questions.

United States Vital Records Information
Need an out-of-state birth, death, marriage certificate or divorce decree? This site guides you in obtaining these vital records.

Consumer Information Center Main Page
The official federal consumer information center.

The National Fraud Information Center
Current information on the latest frauds from the National Consumer League.

California Franchise Tax Board

Employment Development Department

California Secretary of State

California State Home Page

California Attorney General’s Official Website

Search for California Charities

California Taxpayers’ Association
CTA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting taxpayers from unnecessary taxes and promoting efficient, quality government services. This site provides news, information and articles covering a wide variety of state tax and government issues.

State Tax Information Sites
Links to the departments of revenue sites for all 50 states.

City of San Francisco

City of Oakland

City of Berkeley

City of San Mateo

City of Palo Alto

City of Fremont

City of San Jose

City of Novato

City of San Rafael

City of Petaluma

City of Santa Rosa

City of Napa

Small Business Taxes & Management
A resource page providing tax and management guidance to small and medium sized businesses and their owners.

The Payroll Taxes Information Site
This general information site includes calculators, news articles and federal and state reference material on payroll taxes.

Estate Planning Legalese – Glossary
Estate planning, wills and trusts often involve unfamiliar legalese. This site gives you a list of terms as a handy reference and research tool. Recommended reading.

Roth IRA Home Page
Whether you’re planning on setting up Roth IRA, or already have one, check this site regularly for new law articles, calculators, links and educational materials. A rich resource.

CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit Guidebook | Individual Retirement Accounts
Everything you need to know about regular Individual Retirement Accounts.

AARP Homepage
AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people 50 and over. The site provides information and resources on legislative, consumer and legal issues.

Packed with information and tools for the investor, here’s where you’ll find the famous Morningstar ratings. The online broker also shows you how to analyze stocks, funds and portfolios like a Morningstar analyst.

College Board Online
An excellent college guide, from planning to paying and everything in between.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
The smart student guide to financial aid, from loans to scholarships.

IRC Sec 529 College Savings Plans
How to choose a 529 plan for college savings.

Several web sites provide information on the various state plans, and also include calculators for other college expenses. See for general information on section 529 plans and for comparisons of the various state plans.

See for information and online enrollment for the California ScholarShare plan.